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Limits of the “at Now” period

A visual overview that relates the current period's limits to the historical minimum and maximum limits, helping you quickly understand the price behavior in a historical context.

The Historical Limits Instant View is an innovative chart that provides a comparison between the current price behavior and its position relative to historical limits, both maximum and minimum. This graphical representation shows:

  • Extreme limits of the chart are represented by the historical minimum and maximum in percentage, with a conversion to price or points (for indices).
  • A central value that indicates the opening value of the period under consideration.
  • A yellow line highlighting the “at Now” value, showing its deviation in percentage.
  • Two bars, one red and one green, indicate the lows and highs of the current period, respectively.

The goal of this chart is to provide an immediate understanding of the statistical “normality” of price behavior at a given moment, offering context and comparison with historical movements.

Technical description

This chart aims to show you the data and the relationship between the limits reached by the current period and the historical minimum and maximum limits.

The chart therefore has as its extreme limits the historical minimum and maximum, represented as a percentage, of which the price conversion (or points in the case of an index, for example) is also shown, updated to the period under consideration, so you can always have a clear interpretation of the current situation.

Al centro del grafico si ha il valore di apertura del periodo in esame ed una linea gialla mostra il valore “at Now” del prezzo con il relatico scostamento in percentuale.

The lows and highs of the current period are represented by a red and a green bar to show, along with the values and percentages, how the price has moved in relation to historical movements.

This chart is useful to understand at a glance the degree of statistical “normality” being recorded at a given moment. By using this chart with other limit data, we get an overview of the price movement and its “normality.”

This chart effectively shows the distance from historical lows and highs and the current range of the price. However, it’s important to remember that this chart does not consider the frequencies with which certain limits were reached in the past. Therefore, it’s crucial to enrich your analyses by also looking at a similar chart of the feature “% historical limit reached VS % of limits reached.

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