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Statistical Indicators based on historical data

Elevate your Analysis with Statistical Tools.
Enhance your trading strategies with our Statistical Indicators based on Historical Data. Use historical data to identify patterns and trends that are not immediately visible. This information can be used to make more informed and conscious trading decisions. Discover new horizons in your trading and maximize your profits, leveraging the power of statistics and probability.

If you want to succeed in trading, you must know the past. Historical Stats Tool is here to provide you with advanced historical analyses that go well beyond what you find on standard analysis platforms. Comprising a series of powerful analytical functions, this tool is designed to provide deep and detailed insights into the historical nature of the prices of a financial instrument.

Analysis of Limits (or Deviations).
Do you want to know the historical probabilities of a price reaching a certain level by a specific date? he analysis of limits calculates exactly this, providing a clear understanding of historical deviation levels for specific periods.

Grouping data
If you’re looking for correlations between different variables such as volatility, opening and closing gaps, or specific days, the dataset grouping function is your best ally. Aggregate the data meaningfully to take a deeper look at the information.

Sequence Analysis.
This is the perfect tool if you want to calculate the probability that a series of events will repeat over time. For example, you can discover the historical probability of having a green candle after a series of green candles, contributing to a more solid trading strategy.

At Now – Current data
‘At Now’ allows you to compare the current market behavior with similar historical data, providing a valuable reference point for your trading decisions.

With an intuitive interface and compelling charts, Historical Stats Tool is the ideal companion for any serious trader looking to gain a competitive edge. The scientific approach to historical analysis makes you more prepared and informed, and every new type of analysis developed by our team will be continuously added to the package.

Don’t just watch the prices; understand the underlying forces driving the market with Historical Stats Tool.


Everything you can do with this plan

Limits Analyzer (Multi-Matrix)
A backtest tool that provides traders with a historical view of the probability that a price will reach (or not reach) a certain limit within a specified period. It also displays occurrences to give weight and importance to the historical data.
Grouped limits analysis by metric
Get a comprehensive overview of the historical price behavior through grouped analysis. Discover which factors, such as volatility, days of the week, or months, most influence your trades. All in one intuitive dashboard.
stacked chart
Display the historical price trend in a single chart for similar periods, allowing for easy data analysis. The black line represents the price trend during the last period analyzed.
Limit Horizon (min and max)
Discover when historical lows and highs emerge to enhance your trading strategy.
Limits of the “at Now” period
A visual overview that relates the current period's limits to the historical minimum and maximum limits, helping you quickly understand the price behavior in a historical context.
limit distance vs limits time
Explore how the distance achieved by the price in relation to historical limits correlates with the frequency of highs and lows. The chart illustrates how a price may have only reached a portion of its historical limit but covers the majority of historical cases.
Historical Limit Data & Chart e Historical Deviation & Frequency
View the historical price movement through the limit chart. This tool displays the highs, lows, and closes of periods, providing a comprehensive overview of price behavior in relation to past periods. With the calculation of standard deviations, you can assess how ordinary or exceptional the current price is, benefiting your trading decisions.
Historical Series Filter
Validate your intuition by filtering the series of Japanese candles with specific metrics such as volatility, specific days, and much more.
Special Deal: Subscribe to Historical Tools and get Metrix Suite for free forever: two subscriptions for the price of one, for life!


What those who already use it are saying

It has become fundamental in my process.

I have always sought tools that could refine my decisions and reduce risks. This software has proven to be a revolutionary discovery. The statistical approach it offers is unique, and the charts to determine the probability of reaching specific price targets are nothing short of crucial.

It has become a fundamental element in my decision-making process.

Michele De Angelis
The platform that was needed

Thanks to Metricalgo, I am able to access information that I didn’t have before. I can finally analyze, stock by stock, whether the deviations align with the statistical data or not, and in that case, take action by attempting to capture opportunities that I previously couldn’t identify.
I therefore consider the platform very useful for evaluating new potential trades and for corroborating trade hypotheses based so far on technical and fundamental analysis of the stock.

Fabio Manassero
am an options investor and I have…

I am an options investor and I have always had difficulty choosing the best strike for my trades. I have tried several methods, but none have yielded satisfactory results.

Recently, I discovered MetricAlgo, which has helped me improve my performance. This software provides me with access to a wide range of data on stocks, indices, and ETFs. Moreover, it utilizes statistics to help me choose the best strike for my trades.


Mattia Besana
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