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Who we are

We are a startup comprised of programmers and engineers with a passion for the digital world and a burning love for technology, data, and trading.
Our journey began with the development of a software to conduct personalized analysis, a software to solve our problems related to how much time it takes to do a well-made analysis before entering a trade. Through hard work, we transformed our mix of passions into powerful analytical tools that we decided to share with the world.

We create these tools first and foremost for ourselves, and we believe in sharing knowledge. That’s why we decided to do it again, bigger, with MetricAlgo. For this reason, we give you a piece of advice: when you observe the data that this software can provide you in a few seconds, remember that the same calculations done by hand would take years, not months, but years. This is where the foundation of the software’s value begins, doing things quickly that would be impossible to achieve alone.

Our intention is to continue developing features in order to obtain more and more valuable information, which we call gold nuggets. In practice, we are looking for favorable probability fields to exploit in our trading strategies.

Discover the world of trading through the analytical lens of MetricAlgo and join us on this exploratory journey!

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