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Metrix Suite

Optimize, Analyze, and Manage Your Trading Systems with Science and Precision.
Metrix Suite is your ultimate platform for creating and managing trading systems based on inferential statistics. Comprised of Metrix Analyzer and Metrix Cloud, this toolkit provides you with a comprehensive environment to filter historical data, generate and analyze trading systems, and find the solutions best suited to your trading needs and goals.
Currently, Metrix Suite is available in beta version, included forever in all Historical Tools subscriptions that will be taken out until the official launch of Metrix Suite, scheduled for mid-January 2024.

In the rapidly evolving financial world, Metrix Suite stands out as the ultimate solution for traders looking to optimize their strategies with data and algorithms. This all-in-one platform consists of two key components: Metrix Analyzer and Metrix Cloud, which work together to provide you with a data-driven and scientific approach to trading.

Metrix Analyzer: Your Data Analysis Laboratory

  • Metrix Analyzer is the beating heart of Metrix Suite. This powerful tool filters and analyzes historical data from any financial instrument, generating trading systems based on specific metrics such as Profit/Loss (P/L), Drawdown, Z-score, and much more. The result is a detailed backtest that shows the performance of a trading system, helping you make informed decisions.

Metrix Cloud: Your Trading Systems Library.

  • Metrix Cloud serves as a repository for all the generated trading systems. With a variety of search metrics, you can search for and analyze systems that meet your specific criteria, such as a positive return in the last year or a drawdown of less than 10%. Each system comes with details such as profit/loss, number of trades, and profit factor, allowing you to make a comprehensive evaluation.

Metrix Strategy Builder: Combination of Excellence

  • Metrix Strategy Builder allows you to combine different systems to create a ‘super trading system’. Set specific criteria and combine the best strategies to create a trading plan that maximizes your chances of success.

Manage the risk: Like a Pro

  • With Metrix Suite, risk management is simplified. Each trading system comes with various options to set stop loss and take profit, allowing you to adapt strategies according to your needs and risk profile.

With Metrix Suite, you will always have an innovative tool at your disposal, capable of assisting you in your choices and trading strategies.

At the moment, Metrix Suite is available in beta version, included forever in all subscriptions to Historical Tools that will be signed up for until the official launch of Metrix Suite, scheduled for mid-January 2024.

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