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Limits and Deviations Analysis on MetricAlgo: A Guide to Maximizing Your Trading Strategies

Discover how historical limits and deviations analysis on MetricAlgo can elevate your trading strategy. This tool examines the relationships between daily, weekly, or monthly candles and the rest of the historical series, providing an in-depth understanding of market trends.

1. Understanding Limits and Deviations

The analysis begins with the definition of ‘limits’ and ‘deviations’. Limits refer to the minimum and maximum values reached by the price, while deviation indicates the percentage difference between the current value and the opening of the candle. These data are essential for assessing market trends and predicting future movements.

2. Steps for Analysis

The analysis unfolds through four main phases:

Define the comparison: current versus historical.
Select the candle’s timeframe.
Determine the length of the historical series.
Use similarity filters to refine the results.

3. Results Display

The results are displayed through detailed charts that show various features, including overview, matrices, Gaussian curves, and overlaid charts. Questi strumenti visuali facilitano l’interpretazione dei dati e aiutano a prendere decisioni informate.

4. The Reference Candle

The reference candle is central to the analysis. This can be the last candle of the selected timeframe or a historical candle chosen by the user. The choice influences the results, allowing for a direct comparison with historical or current data.

5. Impact of the Reference Candle on the Results

The choice of the reference candle is crucial, as it determines the period up to which the data are analyzed. This approach allows for realistic and relevant results.

6. Determining the Appropriate Historical Context

Choosing the length of the historical series is essential. It is recommended to consider the last 20 years as the most significant, but for longer timeframes, such as weeks or months, analyzing the entire historical series can be more advantageous.

7. Customization of the Analysis

Finally, the similar values box allows the application of specific filters, such as volatility or opening gap, to include only the candles with characteristics similar to the reference ones, making the analysis more precise and tailored.


The analysis of limits and deviations on MetricAlgo is an essential tool for every trader who wishes to deepen their understanding of the market. Use these tools to develop more informed trading strategies based on solid historical analysis.

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